Sunday, October 5, 2014

Moving In

We moved in today. The children were both excited to the point of screeching insanity, which made it extremely easy to get things done.

But we managed.

Currently the place is pretty bare. We have our fairly complete camping kit and quite a lot of stuff borrowed from the property manager. She's lent us dishes, towels, an air mattress, bedding, a small table and two chairs suitable for tiny children. Like ours.

The day is sunny and glorious.

It feels extremely weird to be pulling stuff out of the minivan for the last time. Not literally the last time of course, but in a very significant way the last time. We have stopped. The journey is over. We might move again, who knows. The world is large and life is long. That will be, if it should be, a new journey.

This one has reached its end, and we are well pleased.

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