Saturday, July 19, 2014


Turns out our camping gear was still too damp to camp with, specifically, Alice's sleeping bag, which is the one item that most needs to be dry (Mommy and Daddy can make do). And according to Molitor's report from October Mountain State Park, as he was packing up our damp gear, the mosquitoes were out in force, so our enjoyment of the site, had we been able to stay there, would have dubious. (We are making avid use of calomine lotion and Benadryl cream as it is).

So, we decided to simply drive to the general area of the next campground (Pillsbury State Park in NH, about a 1.5 hour drive away from our destination today, Moultonborough, on Lake Winnepesaukee) and stay in whatever motel had space. Turns out this approach to finding lodging Does Not Work, at least at this time of year at least vaguely near the Lakes Region of NH. There was no vacancy (other than smoking rooms) in Concord, NH, and there was a festival going on so we couldn't even easily find parking to get out and explore by foot what looked to be a charming New England town. Molitor had found space in an EconoLodge in Manchester (another 15 miles away...and further away from Moultonborough...ugh), which is where we are now.

I was mighty disappointed that we had to go so far out of our way (it's not really that far, but it felt it) just to find a freakin' EconoLodge to stay in, but after my best night of sleep in a week (verging on 9 hours, interrupted only once by a thirsty 4 1/2 year old), I'm feeling very warmly towards EconoLodges. The building looks something like a converted mill, so our room is HUGE (and oddly proportioned), which was nice for Alice and Beatrice to play around in, making (or in Beatrice's case, slowly destroying) a fort made of all the blankets,pillows, and chairs and generally rolling around.

Today, we meet Grandma for lunch in Moultonborough and check into our cabin at 2 p.m. Finally! Yeah! Now we'll have 2 weeks on Lake Winnepesaukee to relax...and figure out how to better conduct our next stint of traveling.

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