Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our new, temporary home

We are officially out of our Norfolk home. Yesterday was the last day we (rather, Molitor) went over to tidy up. We kept the old camping mantra in mind and left it in better condition than we found it. It was emotionally challenging to clean up all the detritus of our children's early lives and to leave behind the home where Alice has grown up and where we brought home a newborn Beatrice. Alice, thankfully, seems to be surviving the changes so far like a champ, not upset about what we've left behind but instead excited by all the new places and people we've already met just by living at Grandma's. Perhaps it's because we'd been prepping her for a few months, but also perhaps because she's resilient or trained by her significant travel so far.

Aside from the emotional discomfort, we are enjoying life at Grandma's: everybody has their own bedroom behind closed doors, central air, a little girl with a playset in an adjoining yard that Alice can play with at all hours of the day, unchaperoned by a parent.

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