Sunday, July 27, 2014

Emergency room

No, neither of the girls, thankfully. It's not even really an emergency, medically speaking. But the combination of health insurance policy rules and medical care available in Wolfeboro has me sitting in the Huggins Hospital ER on an overcast Sunday morning. Oh, the indignities of aging. Or possibly just of being me. Both of my ears have become so plugged by some combination of ear wax and lake water that I think I'm getting an infection in both ears and for sure I can't hear very well. Not being able to hear Alice's ridiculous whispers is horrible!

Thankfully the ER is almost empty. And the woman who checked me in happened to be looking for a financial planner, so we chatted a bit about how she should go about looking for one. I love being able to help people out like that, because it takes 5 minutes and no effort on my part and the other person can benefit so much because the financial planning profession (and personal finance in general) is so opaque to most people.


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    1. Mom's ears are fine! They flushed them out, and looked inside and saw some mild infection (swimmer's ear) left behind, so she's got some drops for a few days. She's much better now!

      Disappointed that she cannot immerse her head while swimming. This interferes with leaping off of things and diving in to things.