Friday, July 25, 2014

Enough to break your heart.

During this week on the lake, Grandma has been staying nearby with old family friends, the Goodwins, in Wolfeboro. Grandma returns home to Virginia today, so yesterday was the last day we saw her. We went in to Wolfeboro and, more than anything else, explored Jeff's amazing, beautiful home. Alice is in love. She got to sleep in Grandma's bedroom there, the fantastic "red" room. Then we had a mostly abortive trip to Jeff's beach to pick wild blueberries (Alice had refused to eat much for lunch and so was very fragile, and the leaves on the beach bottom set her off). We went to dinner at Morrisey's Front Porch, which culminated in a hot fudge sundae for Alice made with cotton candy icecream. (Parental commentary: Ugh.) When we dropped Grandma back at Jeff's house and were preparing to head out, leaving Grandma until our next cross-country rendez-vous, I let Grandma say goodbye to the girls in the car. When Grandma left the car she was quite verklempt, explaining that Alice had reassured her that "we'll always be together in our hearts." Alice's only explanation for where she'd gotten that beautiful but heartbreaking phrase was "from God."

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