Friday, July 18, 2014

the story so far

The journal, while illegible, is much more complete! Meg will update in more detail later.

Six days in we've had several excellent nights of camping, and been forced to a motel two nights. Once by biting flies in Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and once by rain in October Mountain State Park. Nothing ruined, but bedding made damp before a cool night. The missed nights have been disappointing but we're learning how to do it better.

You need, I think, to be quite disciplined to both travel and camp with small children. Small problems can snowball pretty briskly and then you're looking for a hotel.

Alice had a minor bike crash and skinned her knew and elbow. She also learned to love peeing outside.

Beatrice loves everything about camping except the naps. She doesn't even mind the car rides much, although we wish she would nap in the car and she really does not want to.

We swam at Lake Welch in New York, and saw FDR's home in Hyde Park. We're one day out from New Hampshire.

Here's hoping we get another good night of camping! We're on track to camp in New Hampshire, just an hour or so from Lake Winnipesaukee.

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