Sunday, July 20, 2014

It was all worth it.

I just did yoga in the early Sunday morning right on the edge of Lake Winnepesaukee. Pine trees and a cold clear lake and nights so cold I have to worry about my baby being warm enough in her crib and sap on the soles of my feet and screened-in porches for eating crullers with coffee on -- I am so happy it's practically tangible. We are staying at a place called Colonial Pines Resort, which I highly recommend. As long as it doesn't make it more difficult for me to come here.

One of the problems with this sort of travel is that we (parents) work from sun up to sun down. (A problem that goes away when we're stationary for a week, as we are now. Especially with other family members around!) One morning, while camping in Beaver Pond Campground, I woke up beside Molitor, who silently gestured up at the lovely moon, perfectly framed by the top of the tent. We shared a moment (almost literally) and then Beatrice woke up a feet away from our heads in the portacrib. Ah, we remember the days of camping as a childless couple.

Andrew's family (brother Andrew, not husband Andrew...see, it's confusing for everyone, no?) arrived yesterday, too, and most of all I was delighted to see how gleefully Ani and Alice played together. Alice was (and has been) so excited that she is talking a mile a minute...which makes Ani seem damn near mute. In fact, it might make Ani's entire family seem mute by comparison. Alice got down to the business of arranging playdates with Ani, arranging tours of each other's cabins, making sand pies ("they're made of sand though, so you don't EAT them" <emphatic hand and facial gestures>), and, of course, watching a bit of TV.

And now, back to this morning, where we are settling in for the looooong wait for Grandma to deliver doughnuts from the Yum Yum Shop. 

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