Monday, August 25, 2014

America's Best Value Inn is Redeemed!

During our x-country trip with Alice when she was a baby, we stayed in a truly horrid America's Best Value Inn somewhere in Arkansas, I think. Near a nuclear power plant. The room had instructions for what to do in event of an explosion. The room was dark and dirty. The free breakfast was off-brand donettes. Ever since I haven't wanted to stay in that motel again. Until now.

Today we drove to Polson, MT today after a rough night and morning. Mommy was not a happy girl. Molitor was trying to find camping cabins and at last suggested we push on another 40 minutes to Kalispell. I ix-nayed that and said no, I want a motel in Polson. Even an ABVI.

Now we have this view of the lake (happy Daddy with Moose Drool brown ale optional) with a pretty big room with a king bed and a kitchenette and 2 odd closets perfect for Alice.

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