Friday, August 29, 2014

Buh-bye bike

Prior to starting our cross-country trip, we went through a tremendous hassle buying a bike rack off of Craigslist (and then buying an additional necessary part at the store) so that we could bring my and Alice's bikes along. Within half an hour of starting our x-country trip, I noticed my bike handlebar bonking the back window. We pulled over and Molitor improvised a rope sling of sorts to keep the bikes steadier. He eventually got it down to a few-minutes' science taking the bikes off and putting them back on, but it just seemed like such a hassle for the little I actually rode my bike. So, in Polson, we delivered both my bike and the bike rack and hitch to the local Goodwill and now we are free! free! free! to open our back hatch whenever we damn well please. And Alice's bike easily fits inside the minivan. When we eventually settle somewhere, I'll get a new, much better bike, which I wanted to do anyway.

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