Thursday, August 28, 2014

Poor Baby!

Beatrice has developed a little cold. She's been sniffly a few nights and now has a minor cough. Not enough to really bother her or keep her up nights (actually she's sleeping better than usual, probably because she's a bit sick!)

Adding insult to injury, or if you want to get picky, the other way about, she bonked her head TWICE. Once climbing around in the stroller her giant head pulled her nearly to her doom as she stood up too high. The second time just an hour or two later she managed to climb onto a chair, and immediately fell off ass over teakettle.

She's reached an age where her ability to get in to physically precarious situations far outstrips her ability to avoid disaster.

No serious harm as near as we can tell though! She stopped crying both times in a couple minutes and was her usual jolly self. Albeit with some bruises!

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