Thursday, August 28, 2014

Escape From Montana!

We have finally left Montana after three fantastic days in Polson, and a couple days of travel before that. Montana is ginormous. And attractive.

We're now in Idaho in a campground that somehow rubs us both the wrong way. Bad vibes from the lady who checked us in. It's right next to the highway. I am right now at most 100 yards from a busy interstate and it's loud. The cabin is nice enough but a little pricy. They charged us extra for kids (what?! Seriously?!) Nothing big. The campground itself is nice enough. Not as rich with amenities as a KOA (E.G. no pool) and yet not isolated and in a beautiful spot. Nor is it cheap. Surely it ought to be at least one of these?

As a base of operations to explore Coeur d'Alene, it will be fine though. It's perfectly pleasant. Alice has a bunk bed and a playground and we might even do some splashing in the creek. Maybe.

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