Friday, August 29, 2014

My take on Polson and Flathead Lake

Thankfully, Molitor has already found  the wherewithal to update the blog about our goings-on in the last few days, as I certainly didn't want them to go undocumented. Polson, MT and staying on Flathead Lake was just fantastic. The spectacular view from our motel room meant that even if we were stuck in our room (because of naps or sheer lack of will to move), it wasn't wasted time. I could have looked at the view all day. In fact, Molitor and I added this to our list of places to return to some day without children so we can spend all day every day aimlessly wandering, napping, reading, and sitting and staring at the scenery.

The local bakery is known for its doughnuts (our motel offered the doughnuts every morning for breakfast, and we went there each day for a lunch dessert) and is kind of reminiscent of the Yum Yum Shop in Wolfeboro (including the disappointing bread). In fact, Molitor and I spent some time comparing and contrasting Flathead Lake to Winnepesauke in terms of desirability for future family vacations. Flathead is less developed (a plus) and, by some definition, is more picturesque. The lake is more round than Winnepesaukee so from any point you can see more of the lake, and the lake's backdrop are imposing mountains that make for simply amazing sunrises. Winnepesaukee has the upperhand in its warmer temperature (Flathead really isn't swimmable by anyone but temperature-immune children) and, in my opinion, the availability of more private, cozier lodging (like Colonial Pines) because there are so many trees right up to the shoreline. Flathead surroundings are, to a large extent, just fields.

Molitor arranged for me to have a massage while we were there, which was the world's nicest gift. Evidently it was a stroke of real luck to get an appointment because the place is sort of a spa destination and the only available time was due to a cancellation; otherwise all the local massage therapists were booked through September!

We couldn't figure out why there weren't more people around, more boats on the lake, when it was so perfect. Evidently we hit the first nice weather in 2 1/2 weeks of cold and rain. And school started while we were there. This time of year is the shoulder season anyway; the massage therapist said the locals consider this the start of fall. As to why more people don't live in Polson: the winter weather sucks. It is foggy for 6 months and you don't see the sun. Check. Won't be moving to Polson, despite its amazing summer and the fact that it seems extremely walkable! Walked to a full service grocery store, several restaurants, the thrift store, and all of (small) downtown.

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