Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our baby doesn't really need to be warm, does she?

We are now in Butte, MT at the Rodeway Inn. (Suite with a separate bedroom with king bed for us, sofa bed for Alice, and an alcove we're hoping to use our extra sheet to transform into yet another separate bedroom for Beatrice. We think this might in fact be the nicest sleeping arrangement we've ever had, even at home in Norfolk.) We had to hit Walmart today in order to buy Beatrice a new car seat. I finally got around to looking at the max height and weight on her infant seat, and, uh, well, she was a tad over. It was fairly obvious just by looking at her.

While we were at Walmart, we also bought lots of food and also several other items we've developed a need for: footie pjs for Beatrice, socks for Beatrice, wipes, etc. After we'd been in Walmart for approximately 10 minutes (and I might be being generous here), Molitor started wigging out. I basically had to force him to stay because yes, our baby really did need pajamas to keep her warm (47 degrees today at noon in Livingston, MT). And yes, we really do need food. I felt quite smug because usually I'm the one itching to get out of Target or Walmart within minutes of entry, whereas today I Was The Mistress Of My Domain and Molitor a mere novice in the face of The Realities at The Intersection of Parenting and Road Trips. 

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