Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Motel cooking

We have a habit of eating lunch out at some hopefully local joint, and then preparing dinner for ourselves. A home cooked dinner is partly to save money, partly for health, and partly because taking Beatrice out at dinner time would be too hard.

A motel presents certain hurdles for preparing a dinner. Space and equipment mostly. We've eaten a lot of salads, which are fairly easy (or so it seems as I watch Molitor do all the work) and a welcome relief from our meaty lunches. Last night Molitor elevated himself to a real motel room chef. He cooked pasta and green beans in the microwave. It took a while because we had to feed pasta to 4 and all we had was a 4 cup Pyrex to do it, but it was such a welcome dinner.

1 comment:

  1. Pasta in the microwave: heat water to boiling. Add pasta. Not too much, let the water cover it fully with a bit to spare. Let soak half of the official cooking time. Stir. Zap it again for a bit, not so much that it boils over. Let soak again for the same half of the official cooking time. Stir and zap. Pretty soon here it's going to be done.

    Covering it while out soaks is probably a good idea.