Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Convenience Lifestyle

When we were at home in Norfolk, we used cloth diapers, bought almost all our foods in their natural form, exercised regularly, etc. And I at least couldn't help but judge a bit the people who did otherwise.

Now that we're on the road, short on time, space, and energy, we don't exercise, we use paper diapers, and almost all the food we buy is a convenience food of some sort: baby carrots, miniature cucumbers, those tiny sweet peppers in a bag, prewashed lettuce, cheese sticks individually wrapped in plastic, etc.

Which makes me realize that in many cases it's not really a choice to have a convenience lifestyle, at least not ultimately. If your life is arranged such that you have no time or energy, then this is the only way to get through. We were able to put more effort into our childcare, food, and self-care because we had the time and energy. Which all feeds into our consideration of our future home and future life. We need to choose a town, choose a job, choose a home, and make other values choices that give us most importantly the time to live the life we want. Perhaps at the expense of money, in fact, most likely at the expense of money, but The Convenience Lifestyle doesn't suit us and, more grandiosely speaking, isn't sustainable. 

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