Sunday, September 7, 2014

An offer you can't refuse

Alice wants to help Aunt Beth spin and weave all. the. time. Sometimes this happens to coincide with aunt Beth's plans to do so. Also, being 4, Alice isn't so suave with social niceties, but she really tries. And we try to nudge her in the right direction. Witness this afternoon's conversation:

Alice: Aunt Beth, maybe we could spin right now. Or work on a dinosaur dress. [Beth is making one for a dinosaur-themed wedding]

Mommy: Alice, honey, maybe Beth doesn't want to do that right now. Maybe you could phrase it as a question, as a request?

Beth: Oh, so is that a request, Alice?

Alice:'s an offer.


  1. alice sounds like she'd be very useful in a used car sales lot!

  2. in the meanwhile, however, i'm just going to start referring to her as 'the enforcer'