Sunday, September 28, 2014

Portland, OR

We leave Portland today. We spent all day yesterday here, which really amounted to about 2 hours of neighborhood investigation because we had lunch with an old friend of ours and we barely made it there in time for the 1130 rendezvous thanks to our children.

Molitor and I have both known Brian for about 10 years, having worked with him at nCircle. He underwent a pretty awesome transformation about 5 years ago, from a pallid software-is-my-life type to a hiking, sailing, outdoorsy, interested-in-life, slightly-less-pallid vegan who moved to Portland from the Bay Area. We dined at Laughing Planet, which made me So Happy. Organic! Tofu! Kale! Definitely back in the PNW.

We investigated the Woodstock neighborhood more at dinner time. (Thai food. Oh thank you lord. Back on the west coast...) It's supposed to be a family neighborhood. It has a nice retail strip and fairly dense housing and Reed College is Right There. In my opinion, if we were to ignore the people aspect of choosing a place to live, Portland might win over Bellingham. But then we'd miss out on Suzanne and Dan and Aunt Bef and grandparents. And that is Very Important.

In other news, Beatrice's sleep habits have deteriorated to Complete Crap so we are sooooo looking forward to checking into our 2BR (read: you can just cry it out at midnight, B. And 3am. And 5am.) airbnb cottage on Lake Whatcom tonight for 6 nights. During which time we hope to figure out what to do next.

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