Monday, September 29, 2014

Our cottage

Here's a video of the cottage we're staying in on Lake Whatcom. You get to see everything but the front room, which we have tasked as Beatrice's bedroom (aka The Shrieking Room), and she is currently taking her morning nap.

A few notes:

Alice's bedroom has a desk which she immediately dubbed her homework desk. She has done simply a TON of homework on it since we've gotten here. She then rolls it up and delivers it to me, her teacher.

Her bedroom also has a closet in which she immediately placed her "vackpack" (by the way, she also nightly asks us to "ruv" her back) and her song book, which is an edition of Arabian Nights or whatever it's called tucked inside a decorative box.

And the video shows you the inside of the bathtub because Beatrice simply loves being in the bathtub, especially when the water is running but really, regardless. And I just find it adorable. And for lack of any actual toys, measuring cups did just fine last night!

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