Friday, September 26, 2014

Pendleton, OR

Here we are in Pendleton. Apparently this is the home of an ancient and well respected brand in woolen items. I think of it as kind of the armpit of Oregon but apparently it's not!

The sunsets and sunrises are lovely. The city is down in a green valley that cuts across a dry wasteland. The usual sort of thing in eastern Washington and Oregon. The hotel is up on the wasteland part, so the view out the window is a genuine vista. I'm very glad not to be trying to walk across it but it's pretty nice to look at.

Today we drive to Portland. Gresham, to be exact, a suburb with inexpensive hotels. Tomorrow, investigations of Portland.

The children are sleeping pretty badly lately, so we're looking forward to wrapping this thing up in a couple more days. We hope!

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