Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just north of Salt Lake City.

We made good time yesterday to just north of Salt Lake City, at a Comfort Inn in a fancy suite for only $110. Beatrice had a hellish time going to sleep (which was horrible for us parents) but woke only once during the night so our sleep was okay. The hotel has an indoor pool, so Alice and I spent about an hour down there last night. Small hotel pools do nothing for me, but damn if that kid doesn't just love 'em.

We blasted through Salt Lake City without stopping, though Molitor pointed out the Mormon cathedral in the distance. He'd visited here 20 years ago and found the whole place just horrid, especially the lake, and had no interest in touring anything. I am pretty laser-focused on finishing this trip, so a lack of sightseeing is fine with me.

Right now Daddy and the girls are downstairs having the free breakfast, giving me time to blog and perhaps even do 5 minutes of stretching (I daren't call it yoga :) .

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