Saturday, September 20, 2014

Make that Lakewood, CO. A home away from home. If we had one.

We are planning to leave my Cousin Christine's home tomorrow. Part of me really, really doesn't want to leave because it's so relatively easy here. And then, of course, the lovely social aspect of having Christine and Michael and their awesome kids (who are so great with both Alice and Beatrice) and occasionally Uncle Gary and Cousin Melanie and her son Evan. Christine and Michael's home is very comfortable and accommodates an extra family surprisingly well. Which is in large part why I want to we can get closer to having a welcoming home of our own. Right now we're just in an (admittedly enjoyable) stasis.

Molitor and I have tried to do as little as possible while here, to recover mentally and physically, and have done a pretty good job. There's been a lot of grocery shopping and cooking and socializing with Christine's family and, surprise, child care. And of course the fact that they love Alice and Beatrice and are vocal about it...that doesn't hurt. Sophia has been clamoring to have Alice sleep with her, but Alice is Very Clear about not wanting to sleep in a room with anyone but Mommy and Daddy.

We had thought about Denver as a possible place to live, but after driving through commute traffic and seeing all the cookie-cutter neighborhoods along Route 25 and it's so damn DRY here...well, we decided this isn't the place for us. Though the draw of my awesome family here is strong...

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