Monday, September 15, 2014

Rock Springs, WY

We are in the oddest motel. The rooms have one wall of glass, which looks out into an atrium which contains... Nothing. To be fair there is a symmetrically arranged atrium on the other side which contains a pool. Ours contains an expanse of cement.

There are two levels of interior rooms looking out on the atrium, and one level of exterior rooms looking out on the parking lot, facing away from the atrium, and at a height halfway between the two interior levels. It's a very peculiar bit of architecture.

I think this place might be more of a conference center?

Anyways. Glass wall. What?!! There are drapes but with children drapes are a bit futile until you immobilize the children. So there's a sense of no privacy at all.

No microwaves in the room. They do have one you can use, though. In a storage closet that contains among other things:

  • Boxes of pamphlets for, no doubt, some pamphlet rack someplace
  • A Kodak slide carousel
  • A pile of credit card imprint machines
  • A dot-matrix printer
  • An active phone switch, no doubt running the phone system
It is a sort of time capsule of the entire life of the hotel, I think. Pretty terrible for cooking in.

One day out from Denver, in theory.

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  1. The pool is really the saving grace of this atrocity. It is basically L shaped, and one entire side of the L is 2 feet deep. It is peeeeerfect for Alice. Also, the stairs are very gentle, and the water is heated. So even Beatrice decided she wanted to go for a swim. She just climbed right onto the stairs (the first one is submerged by only about 2 inches) and sat down. Eventually I actually got a swim diaper on her and took her in. She enjoyed it more (perhaps disliked it less?) than any other swimming opportunity she's ever had. She even started climbing backwards down over the side of the pool into the water by herself. Safety first! At one point she did accidentally (because how else does a 14 month old do things?) submerge her entire head and came up blinking and surprised and hacking up water, but seemed to recover her equilibrium quickly.