Monday, September 29, 2014

Lake Whatcom

We have arrived in Bellingham. We're staying at a very nice small house (2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1200 square feet) on Lake Whatcom which is actually in Bellingham. At least, this end of it is stuck into the outer edge of Bellingham.

We were profoundly tired on arrival, but the lake looks beautiful based on our glances. The house is also quite lovely, although to a slight degree a work in progress. The owner appears to be a Restoration Hardware fan based on the decoration and the catalogs lying around.

We'll be resting up today, looking for rental properties on the internet and maybe even making some phone calls. We don't intend to budge from here today, though.

Beatrice was allowed to holler quite a lot last night. In hotels we spoil her to avoid keeping the neighbors up all night. So she is now spoiled. Now we need to un-spoil her so she and we can get back to sleeping decently. This is pretty hard on a little kid. It does not help that she is super busy in a new space, checking everything out three times, like a dog. She was not done when it was bedtime, and had been too busy to really eat well. We did feed her up before sleep, but she probably would have eaten more had she been less busy.

So, possibly a little hungry. Definitely interested in pacing the place over and over and exploring and moving things around for another eight hours. But trapped. Trapped in hated crib. Poor baby.

She's catching up on sleep this morning. Big time.

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