Friday, September 26, 2014

Naked baby on the loose

Instead of stopping, as usual, at a local restaurant for lunch yesterday, we opted to stop at a rest area, specifically, the Visitor's Center just after entering Oregon on Rt. 84, and make our own lunch. The idea pleased us both because we'd eaten both breakfast and the previous night's dinner out and felt accordingly unhealthy. Beatrice has developed a charming new habit of dumping water on herself while in the car seat, so we took our a completely sopping baby and then stripped her naked and let her run around the rest area. It was a surprisingly pleasant stop considering the desert wasteland we'd been driving through for a couple days and the promise of one more day. Many of our fellow drivers were clearly tickled by the sight of our tiny, naked, lumbering baby making her way endlessly around the entire rest area. Daddy cooked some grilled cheese on the campstove and made us a salad and we all felt quite refreshed afterwards.

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