Monday, September 22, 2014

See you for lunch.

Christine made a strong argument for us to stay an extra day at her home, so we did. It was one part "the traffic will be better on Monday" and one part "oh my god, it's so easy and restful here." Alice got to go to a place called Jump Street yesterday, where she had a ball, as part of Jack's 7th birthday celebration, and then we all reconvened at Christine's friend's house to watch the Broncos game. Or, at least, where Christine and her friends watched the game and Molitor and I tried desperately to prevent Beatrice from breaking anything (herself or otherwise) and otherwise kind of stared blankly at the TV and occasionally asked questions or made mocking comments.

But this morning we head out. The plan is to head west via I-70. Evidently it's quite scenic, but we will probably just see it at 70 mph as opposed to stopping anywhere notable. We really just want to get back to our new hometown (probably Bellingham, though we'll be stopping in Portland, OR and seeing how that suits) and get ourselves settled.

We're on tap for sending Alice back out to the Maley household in a few years so she can have a ball (again) with the Maley family, especially Sophia, whom she was attached to this entire visit. This was a compromise because Christine wanted us to just leave Alice here. And thankfully, Sophia seemed to like her just as much. When I told Alice last night that "I'm glad you and Sophia got to be such good friends," Alice corrected me, "such good sisters." It didn't make me cry because I'm a hard-hearted wench, but when I told Christine, she teared up. Sophia desperately wanted Alice to sleep with her last night, and Alice said Yes in the evening, but when push came to shove, Alice said No, which evidently crushed Sophia, poor thing.

Christine never says "good-bye," she says "see you for lunch."  So, see you for lunch, Penfield/Maleys!

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