Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sugar overload

A persistent, frustrating theme of this trip has been trying to keep Alice from ingesting a positively stupid amount of sugar. During our "normal" life in Norfolk, it wasn't that big of a deal. Sure, every holiday, minor or otherwise, has turned into a cheap-candy-palooza, but that still covers a small part of the year. On the road, when you're eating motel-provided breakfasts most days and occasionally shopping at Walmart and restocking at grocery stores, it's a Constant Struggle. Which has really been an eye opener. If you don't make a conscious effort to avoid motel breakfasts and chain restaurants and most food stores, you will be overwhelmed by sugar. To wit, at this morning's Super 8 "Super Start" breakfast, we had waffles. With "syrup." If you wanted to be a bit healthier, you could have cold cereal: raisin bran and Frosted Flakes. Try a bit harder, oatmeal! In maple and brown sugar flavor. Maybe you're concerned about protein or calcium? Yogurt! With freakin' 17g of sugar per serving. I have become an expert on sugar content measurements because I have started watching it like a hawk. And the checkout line at Walmart is just nuts: it's 20 shelf feet of brightly colored snacks and treats, some in the form of baby bottles, which is so perverse as to defy lucid commentary.

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