Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weird, but hey, free money!

We stayed in a Super 8 (Alice now requests Super 8 by name when we stop for motels...I'm not sure why, frankly) in Grand Junction. While Beatrice and I were at breakfast (eating Daddy-made granola and yogurt instead of the pathetic supply of simple carbs the motel provided), a nice older couple next to us (of course!) cooed at Beatrice. In the middle of our simple conversation, the man handed over a $20 bill and said something like, "Young woman, we'd like to give this to you for Beatrice." Maybe I looked poor? (I was looking pretty special with clothes I've been wearing for a couple days and not having washed my hair in at least that long.) I stumbled over a thank-you in my surprise and then said I'd put it in her college savings acct. We decided to use half of it to tip hotel staff (because, really, we don't actually NEED more money) and put $10 in her 529. My only guess is that this couple is awash in money (his pension plus Social Security, which we briefly discussed...evidently I exude Financial Planner) and feels they can afford to share the love.

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  1. well, you ARE technically a homeless, living-out-of-a-car, unemployed (at the moment) couple with two tiny children in tow. It's like something out of the Grapes of Wrath (or, uh, never actually having read it cuz it's too terrifying, some other très-typique Dust-Bowl novel FTW.) And apparently, dressing the part for the verisimilitude, yay! This has been tickling me the entire time you've been travelling.
    Nice people.