Saturday, September 27, 2014

Portland, OR

Here we are in Portland! Well, Gresham, to be exact. The plan is to spend the day in and around the city to get the flavor, have lunch with a friend, and look at a neighborhood called Woodstock.

Oddly enough my sister is in town for a wedding but in all probability we will miss one another. She's busy with the wedding and we're wildly constrained by nap schedules and wanting to look at Portland.

We drove the Columbia Gorge to get here, a route I recall from my youth when my family moved from Alberta to Oregon. It's beautiful. Wild, dry, austere at one end; wild, lush, beautiful at the other. We stopped off to see Multnomah Falls, which was fantastic and just as I remembered it. To be fair I do not recall espresso, fudge, or ice cream available at the base, but if these are indeed new, they are welcome additions.

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