Monday, September 8, 2014

Back in the Back the USSSSA

We've crossed the border again and are back in Bellingham, for a thorough looksee at the town. The border crossing was, as was the other direction, a complete non-event. A modest wait in the car, inching forward, a short interview, and a pleasant but curt 'get outta here. have a nice day.'

The time in Canada was really pretty great. Beth was a trouper. A family of four stuffed into her bedroom while she sleeps in the living room has got to be trying. The apartment is... Not large. Small is really the word. Very might be another word. So, generous in the extreme. We had a really nice time in Burnaby, not doing much. The park she lives next to is awesome and we walked a lot. The takeout is great and we ate some. Cooking was done.

Things on the island have been mentioned. Breakfast in the hotel and so on. Dad and Betty-Anne are always a pleasure. It was good to see them, good to see that life, while no piece of cake, still works pretty well for them. Dad continues to deteriorate, but not very fast. Betty-Anne seems to have found a groove which, while not easy and not always particularly jolly, works for her. We are happy to see all of the above.

Courtenay is gorgeous in the sunshine. I begin to see the appeal, having mostly seen it in the fog and rain. It is quintessentially Pacific Northwest, in the rain, and thus beautiful. But a bit exhausting in large doses. In the sun, though, it's really awfully nice!

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