Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Days

This is just the general shape of it. Every day, really, is different.

6am. B wakes up to nurse. She may have been awake for a while or not. She's allowed out of her crib at six. Occasionally she goes back to sleep until 7 or even later. Mostly not.

6:30am. Take B out of the lodgings. Walk around, or get breakfast, visit a coffee shop. Mostly, free hotel breakfast and wander the hotel for an hour or so. Let Alice and the other parent get some more sleep. [Molitor is being kind. It's almost always he who gets up with B.]

7:30ish. Return to lodging, wake other parent. Alice gets up about now. Maybe as late as 8.

Entertain kids and get the un-fed fed. Maybe get some packing up done if it's a travel day.

8:30-9:00ish. B down for morning nap. Do something with Alice. Swimming? Walks? Spinning, plying, weaving, if we happen to be staying with Aunt Beth. Until B wakes an hour or two later.

10:00-10:30ish. B wakes. Either pack up and leave if it's a travel day, or go do stuff if it's a non-travel day.

12:30-1:00ish. Stop for lunch which will take about an hour.

B will nap again around 2:30, in the car if we're traveling, otherwise we need to be back in lodgings for the next hour or two.

4:30pm. Arrive at hotel on travel days. B awake about now either way. Entertain kids, relax, etc, until it's time to get dinner. Maybe an hour.

The attentive reader will have noticed that it's pretty much hustling all day to this point.

5:30 start dinner, feed children.

6:30 start getting kids to bed. B will finally give up and pass out about 7:00 or 7:30 after a diaper change, into jammies, some more playing, some angry screaming on the subject of definitely not sleeping, settle Alice down enough to get B settled down, etc, etc.

Alice will go down about an hour later after some wind down time and some tooth brushing, reading, peeing, and maybe a story.

Then the parents go to bed, if they're smart, around 9.

It's a busy schedule of which far too much time is spent tip-toeing around and shushing Alice so that B doesn't wake up.

We can push on, driving around four hours a day, OR we can look around a town, or be slightly harried tourists, or similar, for about the same for hours, perhaps a bit more.

Nights are variable and often not very restful on account of belly-aching children who need to be bullied back to sleep.

We're getting a little tired of it all.

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